Interactive online sharing sessions.

At CLeS, we believe that people are better equipped and empowered to succeed when they learn and share knowledge, ask questions and discuss ideas together.

We frequently bring together new members, corporate partners, our experts and industry leaders to discuss valuable and timely topics that are impacting businesses today.

Peer-to-peer connectivity.

For professionals, entrepreneurs and individuals, our sharing sessions are a unique opportunity to connect and convene with like-minded practitioners, network and build value relationships, discover new skills and expand their awareness and knowledge.

Designed to inspire and inform.

These virtual sharing sessions are dynamic, open spaces that are facilitated via roundtables, conferences, creative Q&As and other digitally supported formats.

All of our members, corporate partners, experts and e-Learning facilitators are invited to set up and host a sharing session.

Have insights or an idea you want to share?

The content or subject matter of our sharing sessions is mostly driven by our members or e-Learning participants, so we are always open to receiving your ideas or hearing about what you want to discuss and share with others. Contact us and we can help to facilitate an open forum discussion or round table that kick starts a sharing session!