Self-paced e-Learning to suit your needs.

We specialise in designing and providing high-quality online training courses that are relevant to a wide array of business practices, to help you and your organisation upskill and stay compliant.

From highly-specialist governance, risk and compliance content to marketing and communications, cyber awareness, auditing and accounting, legal compliance, people management and professional development, we’ve got you covered.

Simply select the e-Learning courses that are most beneficial to you and your team and start each course at a time that suits you.

E-Learning courses delivered by experts.

All online courses on our platform via our e-Learning partners go through a rigorous review process before being made available. This ensures that all our e-Learning courses are purpose driven and quality led, so you only receive the very best e-Learning tools, delivered by industry professionals and experts.

At the end of each online training course, you will receive a ready-to-print digital certificate of successful completion. Should you need them in future, your training hours and certificates received will be saved in your CLeS membership profile for easy access.

Flexible programs that work for your organisation.

We have the capabilities to develop a program of courses specifically tailored to your company’s needs and your employee’s professional development. We are well versed in facilitating mandatory as well as regulatory training modules.

Contact us to learn more about how you can use our platform to empower and support your organisation’s people development journey.

Transparent pricing

There are no hidden fees or additional costs associated with our e-Learning courses. All of our prices are transparent and advertised on our platform. For corporate packages or booking requests, please contact us.

Supported by course specialists.

Our philosophy at CLeS is simple – People’s ability to learn and grow, and implement new ideas, process and concepts is optimised when we share knowledge, ask questions and discuss ideas.

This is why we frequently organise post e-Learning webinars, so that you have the chance to connect and convene with the coaching expert and others on the course to discuss and explore what you have learned.

If you have any questions after completing one of our e-Learning courses, please email us.  and ask! We would be happy to connect you with the coaching expert or e-Learning partner for further information or clarification.

Can’t see an e-Learning course that you need?

We are constantly refreshing and expanding our offering of e-Learning courses, so if you can’t find a particular online training course or tool, simply contact us. It may not currently be listed on our site or it could be in our production pipeline. Much of our online training tools are developed based on the vital feedback from our clients and partners. If you need something we do not have, it is likely that someone else will need this too – so we will strive to get you the right tools that you need to succeed.